Fall Dates and Pricing

Fall Series : Tues Sept 5th to Wed Nov 22nd. 12 weeks.
Saturday Workouts: Start Nov 11th
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Regular Class Pricing (FAST, STRENGTH+)
1x/wk $16.50plus tax. Series $215.23
2x/wk $15.50plus tax. Series $404.36
Unlimited: $10.50-$14plus tax. Series $547.85
FOCUS: $25+tax

CYCLOCROSS: $249+tax

YOGA: Try It $10+tax, $10.87 then Pack of 10, $108.70

France, Switzerland, Italy Bike Trip Slideshow


Join us Wednesday Sept. 13th at 7pm for a casual drink & slideshow showcasing some of the great rides and experiences we had in Switzerland, France and Italy this summer and learn how you can join us for some unforgettable mountain biking in 2018.

Trailhead Travels will be offering a week long trip in the Italian Dolomites and a week long trip in the French Alps. Combine the 2 for the trip of a lifetime. We do all the planning. This year all travel packages will include training plans to help get you ready.

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The Trailhead Athletics Cyclocross Conditioning Series is back for 2017! We are excited to be teaming up with local professional cyclist Spencer Paxson. This 8-week comprehensive class will combine exercise and education to address the key elements of cyclocross. Sessions will include unique progressions of mobility and strength exercises, conditioning circuits, as well as instruction on training principles, nutrition, race-day preparation and more. Dr. Adam Phaneuf,DC will also join us for a devoted session on active recovery techniques. 

Tuesday evenings at 5:30PM September 5th – October 24th. Classes are 75-90min in length

If you are looking for a valuable supplement to your cyclocross season (and your cycling endeavors in general) Cost for the course is $249+tax. 

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Yoga with Brooke is Back

bellingham-yoga-and-strength-trainingRider Yoga MONDAYS at 6:30pm (45min) 
Whether you are riding wheels or boards this class is for you.  The focus is on hips, low back and shoulders. A perfect recovery day after riding, racing or shredding.

Wake-Up Yoga WEDNESDAYS at 5:15am (45min)
For all you early birds, this class is a great way to wake-up and warm-up either before a morning Trailhead class or the office.  Put your mind and body in a good space to start the day.

Schedule HERE!

WWU Intern – Brian Ingles

brian-ingles-personal-trainer-internship-program-bellingham-waSay hello to Brian Ingles.  Brian will be completing his degree from WWU with an internship at Trailhead this Fall. He will be shadowing, learning programming techniques and helping you get the most out of your Trailhead workouts! He is currently Lead Personal Trainer at the WWU Student Rec Center.

“My personal fitness philosophy is simple: Train fun, but train with purpose. As a snowboarder and downhill mountain biker I’ve embraced the benefits that goal driven resistance and endurance training can have on the sports that I love, making myself and my clients better athletes. You want to spend as much time as possible outside having fun. Let’s work together and make you the most resilient athlete you can become, so you can spend less time injured and more time out enjoying our beautiful P.N.W!”


8 week intensive for skiers and boarders. Start the season right. Get ready with specific conditioning so you can rip it from first run of the day to last. Course will include weekly homework, resources and information you need to be ready to shred. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO.

Tuesdays @ 5:30pm Oct 31st to Dec. 19th


1. I haven’t trained at Trailhead in a long time.  Can I come back?
YES.  Our classes have changed a lot.  No scoring, Strength+, FOCUS classes. We’d love to see you and help you set some new goals. Call and ask us or better yet, book a workout!

2. Can I rollover my unused sessions?
NO. Emergencies are the only exception. When you sign up for a Trailhead series, you make a commitment to yourself.  You can only reach your personal goals when you honor that commitment. You may not intend it but your mind is powerful. If it thinks you can postpone something it will. Your fitness will suffer and you will blow off a workout you would otherwise make happen.

3. I have to miss a couple of workouts. Can I still use them during the current series?
YES. You can use your sessions any way you like within a series. 2x one week, 3x the next, off the next. You choose!

4. I have an injury. Can I still some to class?
YES. Most of the time we can find another exercise or group of exercises for you. Depending on the injury we may recommend some one on one sessions but we will work with you and your other caregivers to keep you moving!