Stay On Track with Trailhead’s Holiday Survival Series!

How do we give thanks? The best way we know how….let you train MORE for LESS!! 

Our Survival Special will let you train as often as you like between Thanksgiving and Christmas for just $145 + tax!!  (Psst, for you number crunchers…if you usually come 2x/wk you only have to come 1 extra time). 
Regular session purchases (1-2x per week) are also available at the regular rate but why wait till 2018 to get into the best shape of your life?  Email or let us set you up next time you are in!
Holiday Series: Mon. Nov 27th – Fri. Dec 22nd (4wks)
Holiday Closure: Sat Dec 23th – Mon. Jan 1st
New Year/Winter 2018: Tues. Jan 2nd – Sat. Mar. 31 (13wks)


Train the Trainer!

The holidays are a great time for… revenge? Every time you bring a food bank donation between Thanksgiving & Christmas you choose 1 exercise for your trainer to perform!


Trailhead Frequently Asked Questions!

1. I have to miss a couple of workouts. Can I still use them during the current series?
YES. You can use your sessions any way you like within a series. 2x one week, 3x the next, off the next. You choose!

2. Can I rollover my unused sessions?
NO. When you sign up for a Trailhead series, you make a commitment to yourself.  You can only reach your personal goals when you honor that commitment. You may not intend it but your mind is powerful. If it thinks you can postpone something it will. Your fitness will suffer and you will blow off a workout you would otherwise make happen. Emergencies are the only exception.

3. I have an injury. Can I still come to class?
YES.Most of the time we can find another exercise or group of exercises for you. Depending on the injury we may recommend some one on one sessions but we will work with you and your other caregivers to keep you moving!

4. Can I use my sessions for yoga?
NO. Yoga packages are separate. Just $100+tax for a pack of 10.

5.When do Saturday classes start?
Right after the time change, Sat. Nov 11th. They run until March.

6. Can I bring a friend to try a workout?
YES. Just let us know which class and we’ll save a spot for your friend so they can check out what you’ve been up to. PLUS, if they sign up for a package of training you will receive 3 free group workouts.