Happy New Year!


First task for 2018. Give thanks. WE THANK YOU.

Our Train the Trainer Food Drive was a HUGE success!

We raised over $8,100 for the Bellingham

Food Bank (compared to $4,700 last year). $1,707 was from the Trainer Wall Sit Challenge with our trainers holding on for 23 minutes of wall sitting for a great cause.  Our hearts are full with gratitude for the incredible generosity of our Trailhead family.

First task for 2018. Get Training

Make 2018 your best yet! New Year’s Resolutions can be cliche but the fact is that the New Year brings the promise of a clean slate. It’s a natural time to think about what will be important for you in 2018.

Trailhead would love to help. Here a few ideas to get the year started right!

(1) increase your Trailhead workouts!!

We’ve had a “legit” start to Winter but instead of letting it get to you, let us help you devise a plan to navigate the challenges of cold, wet & dark.  Weekends are still great for big outdoor adventures regardless of weather but it gets harder most weekdays at this time of year. Consider adding an extra day or two to your Trailhead routine.  Go UNLIMITED! Sign up today, CLICK HERE

(2) set some goals. BIG, small or BOTH!

Success is best achieved through activity-based goals that make you stretch yourself.  We like to choose multiple goals that span the seasons and always something that will keep us focused through the winter.  An event/race/activity in March or April that will be more fun if you are physically prepared is an ideal start. (A warm weather climbing trip, a trail run, a multi-day ski trip). Ask us at Trailhead for some goal setting advice as you choose your personal “BHAG” for 2018. (And ask us what we’re doing… each trainer has at least one!)

(3) get clean! 

Ask us how you can make your eating cleaner.
No sugar? No alcohol?  No processed foods? 
Try just 7 days or challenge yourself to a longer cleanse to reset your body and mind for a healthier 2018. You can do a complete nutritional cleanse or choose one change in your diet to get yourself on a healthier track.

(4) get moving NOW!

Don’t wait another day. Don’t wait till a Monday. If you are dreaming of sunshine and fair weather activities, use this time to get strong and fit indoors so you can rock your sport when summer shows up!

Bring A Friend

Know someone who would love TH and hasn’t tried it yet? Let us know and we’ll save them a spot for a free trial class.  Free class trials are available for Bellingham residents and NEW clients only . We love out of town guests (some strength training experience is best)! The drop-in rate for them is $20.

2018 Series Calendar

Our bodies benefit from variety in a directed way, from muscular endurance to all out power!  We don’t have month to month memberships per se, we ask you to give your body a chance for change by having you commit to a series. Sign up today, CLICK HERE

  • January 3-March 31
  • April 1 – June 30
  • July 2 – August 25 – special “Days of Summer” Challenge
  • September 4 – November 21
  • November 26 – December 21 – special “All You Can Train” Challenge

Rise & Shine Yoga

bellingham-yoga-and-strength-trainingNeed a little time to wake up before you start your work day or before your  am Trailhead workout? Join Brooke for some gentle movement and mobility with intention.Wed and Fri mornings at 5:15am. This is not yoga that takes itself too seriously. It’s 45 minutes of fun and learning. Put away  your perceptions that yoga is only for the already  bendy!  No judgements here. Only new beginnings. Perfect for riders and runners!

Wed & Fri 5:15am – 6am
45 Mins 
Drop-In $10
5-Pack $50

Winter 2018 Session

Our goal is to help you fulfill your training goals.  Everyone can benefit from a little guidance, education and motivation. We can help with PERSONAL TRAINING or GROUP TRAINING. Choose what works best for you!

Training starts Tuesday Jan 2nd with this Winter session running ’til March 31st (13 weeks). Sign up today, CLICK HERE

group classes:
Drop-In $20
1x/wk (13 sess) $245
2x/wk (26 sess) $450
Unlimited/wk (39+ sess) $615

personal training  and FOCUS class
1 sess $65 + tax each
5-9 sess $55 + tax each
10+ sess $50 + tax each
Focus Class $25 + tax each

In an effort to simplify things for you please note we have changed our group class pricing structure to INCLUDE tax.