Committing to anything right now might seem difficult but committing to your own health should be at the top of your list.
When we need to be strong and capable or have the endurance and stamina not only to keep up with our kids (and their homework!) but to be kind and compassionate to those around us we first need to take care of ourselves. One small thing you can do is take one hour a few days a week to keep Trailheadstrong!

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We take COVID seriously. Trailhead exists to help you improve your health, not just your strength. As such, we have developed clear protocols to keep you safe during every workout. Our sense of confidence in our in-person workous comes from a long list positive procedures we use; verbal health screen & temp checks, masks, our smaller than mandated class sizes, equipment sanitizing, smart workout design and now air exchange monitoring too!

CO2 during a 6 person workout, CLEANING, An example of what 5 people working out looks like!

We all know that fresh air in the outdoors is best but did you know that next best is lots of outdoor air inside? We can measure air exchange with CO2 (that’s what you breathe out). The closer that number is to the outdoors, the safer it is. Outside air generally measures 350-400ppm. OSHA recommends indoor numbers <1000. See that number in the photo? 429 That was a class with 6 people in it!



While some things these days seem more complicated, we have simplified our (very) small group workouts.


If you love our Strength+ and Power+ workouts you can find them every day this Fall. We will continue to minimize cardio training inside the Trailhead studio. We know many of you are getting outside to ride new bikes and enjoy local runs,walks and hikes.


We now havge an easy punchcard system of 5,10,25 and 50 workouts.
You choose what works for you and your budget. Our website has all the pricing details.


Many of you are taking care of your cardio training at home and outdoors but are you training the right way, the right amount or at the right intensity for your goals? Let Trailhead help. Our trainers can build personalized cardio program just for you. Make your efforts count!

Small Group Strength Training


We aren’t just known for our awesome group classes, Trailhead is home to Bellingham’s best personal trainers. Working one on one allows (in person or via Zoom) you to truly personalize your training to your needs and is a great option if small group workouts aren’t your thing. We also offer 2 person sessions as well. Our training rates have recently increased but you might be surprised to hear that Trailhead offers some of the lowest rates in town.



Workout on your own schedule by choosing TH2GO (available all day, workout on your own) 3 workouts per week are posted via an app called SugarWOD that you can click on via your Zen Planner workout reservation. Let your favorite trainers take you through the workout desciption and key elements.

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