It’s a new start. It’s a New Year. How will you choose to show up for 2021? Because you know, it’s a choice. It’s your choice.

When we need to be strong and capable with stamina, endurance and compassion, one small thing you can do to help is take one hour a few days a week to keep Trailheadstrong.



For most of society and even our “super fit Bellinghamster” peer group, Covid has introduced some less than ideal food & alcohol habits. Often said jokingly; The “Covid-19” or “Covid-15” has become synonymous with the weight gain associated with starting college. Here’s an opportunity to kickstart some habits that make us feel good, like eating more vegetables and eliminating sugar for a couple weeks. Anyone can benefit from following this program with a noticeable reduction in inflammation, improved sleep, focus and a little post holiday weight loss.
EMAIL us here if you want to join this year’s Food Reset


Our easy punchcard system of 5,10,25 and 50 workouts allows you to choose what works for you and your budget.


Sign up before January 11th! Take advantage of this offer & we’ll keep any existing classes from a current card
Starting back at TH and new to Zen Planner? Follow the link above to set up a profile and buy a package then download the ZenPlanner App to your phone. This is how you will reserve workouts and manage your account.


We take COVID seriously. Trailhead exists to help you improve your health, not just your strength. As such, we have developed clear protocols to keep you safe during every workout. Our sense of confidence in our in-person workouts comes from a long list positive procedures we use; verbal health screen & temp checks, masks, equipment sanitizing, smart workout design with clever & covered outdoor space plus air exchange monitoring too!


Our “Outdoor” classes have been popular and a great way to stay in touch with the “bars” for squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. The classes move individuals in and out of the Trailhead space as well as taking advantage of our new tent and covered space at the side of the gym. We’ve noticed some common questions about classes & here are the answers to them:
  • How many people in a class? We are capped at 5 people until the Governor changes group exercise size restrictions
  • How long is class? Class runs 45 to 55 minutes in length.
  • What happens if the weather is really nasty? Safety is our first priority, so no sprinting in slippery parking lots and we access the Trailhead space for core and bar work during every session. If it’s really cold we work out away to spend more time inside in shifts.
  • How should I dress? Adding a few extra light layers is the best way to deal with colder days, use gloves to keep your hands from getting cold while gripping kettle/dumbbells. Make sure the gloves have a little traction to them.
  • When do I mask up? After entering TH for temperature checks and your warmup/cooldown. Masks are not required or recommended while outside. When in doubt Mask Up.
Have any other questions? Don’t be shy, please ask.
As our outdoor classes have become more popular it has occasionally been harder to reserve a spot. To address this issue we are adding more classes to our schedule. If you are having challenges getting in to classes let us know.


We aren’t just known for our awesome group classes, Trailhead is home to Bellingham’s best personal trainers. Working one on one (in person or via Zoom) allows you to personalize your training to your needs and is a great option if small group workouts aren’t for you. We also offer 2 person sessions, as well as 30minute PT sessions!


Workout on your own schedule by choosing TH2GO (available all day, workout on your own) 3 workouts per week are emailed to your Inbox with your monthly TH2GO membership. Let your favorite trainers take you through the workout description and key elements.