Small Group Strength Training

Have you tried a POWER+ class? Power+ in 2022 will follow a similar format to Strength+ with the addition of some “poppier”, energetic or agility exercises that work on increasing your personal power. Cardio elements are limited to the higher heart rate you would see from any full body exercise. This is not a disguised FAST class. Don’t be shy, give it a try!

TH Challenges 2022

The Challenge is BACK! Success comes best with activity-based goals that encourage you to stretch yourself or maybe think about your health in a different way. This year you will see us encouraging you to make simple changes that add up to some healthy habits through a series of monthly challenges. Plus, if you are contemplating a personal “BHAG” for 2022, ask us for some goal setting assistance!

February Foodbank Challenge!

The holidays are a time of giving but people in our community need help all year long. Let’s do what we can together in February to help The Bellingham Food Bank. Starting in January we will be accepting Food and Ca$h/Checks for the Bellingham Food Bank with a goal of raising $7,500 by Feb 28th. With every donation you can challenge a trainer or a fellow Tralheader to a fitness task. Let’s help our community and get fit at the same time!