Bring A Friend Know someone who would love TH and hasn’t tried it yet? Let us know and we’ll save them a spot for a free trial class.  Free class trials are available for Bellingham residents and NEW clients only . We love out of town guests (some strength training experience is best)! The drop-in rate for them is $20.

2018 Series Calendar

Our bodies benefit from variety in a directed way, from muscular endurance to all out power!  We don’t have month to month memberships per se, we ask you to give your body a chance for change by having you commit to a series.

  • April 1 – June 30 (closed Apr 2, May 28)
  • July 2 – August 25 – special “Days of Summer” Challenge
  • September 4 – November 21
  • November 26 – December 21 – special “All You Can Train” Challenge

Be Inspired! 

A goal doesn’t have to be a race but planning an adventure can keep you focused and provide some motivation and a light at the end of the rainy season!

Trailheader Abram Dickerson “runs” Aspire Adventure Running in the Cascades and beyond! With a long list of multi-day adventure trips to choose from, Abram is offering Trailheaders a great value this year if you are interested in getting out there without having to plan all the logistics yourself. 

More info here.



News You Can Use

We come across articles you might find interesting all the time. Here are three of our recent faves.

How Strength Training Makes You Faster
From Outside Online: Yep, we told you so! 
Great running is a matter of quality over quantity . Add strength training and use recovery days to run faster with less chance of injury.


Exercise Keeps You Young
From the NY Times: Studies show you have more control than you think keeping your muscular and immune systems robust as you age by exercising regularly.


Physical Activity Reduces Onset of Dementia By 90%

From the Daily Mail UK: A recent study published in Neurology and making the rounds of the interwebs…


Training starts Tuesday Apr 3rd with this Spring session running ’til Jun 30 (13 weeks)

Our goal is to help you fulfill your training goals.  Everyone can benefit from a little guidance, education and motivation. We can help with PERSONAL TRAINING or GROUP TRAINING. Choose what works best for you!

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group classes:
Drop-In $20
1x/wk (13 sess) $245
2x/wk (26 sess) $450
Unlimited/wk (39+ sess) $615

personal training  and FOCUS class
1 sess $65 + tax each
5-9 sess $55 + tax each
10+ sess $50 + tax each
Focus Class $25 + tax each

In an effort to simplify things for you please note we have changed our group class pricing structure to INCLUDE tax.