Looking Forward to Spring?

We are and we are ready to help you get ready for your next adventure.

Check out our Spring classes below and read on for some exciting changes at Trailhead this Spring.
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You’re Invited! Trailhead Anniversary Open House

Saturday April 2nd, 4 to 7pm

You’ve been there with us and you know. The past two years have been tough! We have each had many different and challenging situations to navigate but through it all we have had our community. We have been there for each other, each in our own way.

Trailhead is stoked to be celebrating our 12th year in business in no small part to you. Those of you who have been training with us throughout, thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for pivoting with us as we switch things up in the gym space and with your workouts to keep things rolling!

We love running into you on the trails and are grateful to have maintained relationships with so many of you over the years; clients, trainers & practitioners alike. One of those trainers is Brian Ingles. Many of you will remember Coach Brian. He spread his wings during the pandemic to start Ascent Strength and Conditioning.

With one more pivot, Trailhead is excited to welcome Brian and his team (Sarah, Foster & Isaak) to share the Trailhead space starting in March. Trailhead training with your favorite coaches will remain the same with some added class coaching flexibility and expanded personal training capacity!

Class Times: Strength+, Power+

FAQ: Should I do a Srength+ or Power+ class?
Does the class that fits your schedule.
All classes are self-paced. “You do you!” . We will always encourage you to focus inward and challenge yourself, whether it’s a Strength class or Power, whether it’s range of motion, weight, speed or a new variation.

Mon: 6a. 7a. 9:15a. 4:30p. 5:30p.
Tues: 5:15a. 6a. 7a. 9:15a. 4:30p.
Wed: 6a. 9:15a. 4:30p.
Thurs: 5:15a 6a. 7a. 9:15a. 4:30p. 5:30p.
Fri: 6a. 9:15a. 4:30p.


Please contribute by bringing a cash or food donation to your next workout! You can “train your trainer” with every donation. How about a buck a burpee?! THANKS

Physical exercise, fresh air and social connection with a like-minded group really can combat depression, anxiety as well as other unhealthy habits. Let your Trailhead workouts be your cure!