“After years of cycling training and workouts on my own, I came to Trailhead to work with a personal trainer in preparation for a mountaineering trip. After several months of training, I have recently begun my annual winter cycling program which begins with a fitness test to determine power levels for our training. This year my threshold numbers were hugely improved after several static readings over the previous 5 years. As a master’s athlete an improvement of between 10-15bpm’s in threshold heartrate can only be attributed to my improved muscular strength. I am thrilled that I have been able to make such a notable increase in both my lower body and core and I am feeling prepared for my trip. Thank you!” – Terry T.
“I thought you guys might like to hear this. I asked my orthopedic surgeon if I can work out after my knee surgery and he told me that I had to wait 2-3 weeks before doing anything but when I asked if I could do Trailhead he said, “Yes, but only because I know those guys and they will make sure to modify your workouts appropriately”. So, when can I come back?”
Priscilla B.
Trailhead has helped me unlock untapped potential, allowed me to achieve better results, and made riding even more fun. Probably the biggest noticeable change is my body position and stabilization while riding and racing. One crucial piece of racing Enduro or DH is to maintain an “Attacking Position”, where your body is centered and evenly weighted throughout the entire race run. This of course has a lot to do with a solid core workout which most of the FAST Trailhead workouts provide.

Everyone is different, and it really comes down to listening to your body but for me a typical week during the race season involves 2 consecutive mornings of FAST training at Trailhead followed by an afternoon spin either on the trail or on the road followed by 2 days of rest. This is crucial for me in order to properly recover. If I try to skip these rest days, I find that I’m too fatigued later in the week to take advantage of any further training sessions. The rest of the week is on the bike with 2 days of cycling interval training on the road. (This helps my body deal with lactic acid during races.) and 1 day of just having fun riding with friends. It doesn’t sound like training, but I’ve found that when I’m riding with my friends, I push myself more than if I was by myself, and quite often I end up taking better and faster lines down the hill.

Like a lot of riders, I found myself at a plateau in my riding abilities. When I added the FAST training to my regiment, I found and unlocked potential I didn’t know I had. Thanks Nicola and everyone at Trailhead! – John P.

“This past weekend, another challenge was completed! While it was a labeled a “physical challenge”, I just have to share how many other challenges were encountered to complete the task. After, I finally talked my husband into going for a Classic Cascade Hike, I picked the Skyline Divide hike since I had not been up there in years. My adventurous friend also decided to go with us which I knew was going to make for a great trip. I needed that last star! All along the way, we laughed and shared stories about challenges at our jobs, co-workers, family members, and friends. It was a day that cleansed the soul, made us appreciate the beauty, and challenged the body. While so many challenges accompanied us, the morning was absolutely perfect.

My point in all of this is to just say thanks for putting the challenge before us. I know it was meant to simply be a physical challenge to earn a star, but in the end, so many other challenges accompanied us. We made the time to make it happen and it was just exactly what we all needed. So, thank you!” – Kim S

“I was hesitant to join a gym with group workouts and thought it would be really intimidating to be timed. After starting at Trailhead I found that it helped push me and everyone was very encouraging. I’ve been going for about 8 months now and I can see and feel the change it has had on me. Climbing on my mountain bike is a lot easier, my stamina is much better and I’m a lot stronger. After recently taking up dirt bike riding I found that my upper body strength was really lacking. Picking up my 220lb machine after a crash and handling my motorcycle in all kinds of terrain has improved tenfold after Trailhead.

I couldn’t be happier with the results I have had with Trailhead. I’m stronger, leaner and feel better than ever before and I am looking forward to getting in even better shape.” – Jess S.

“Trailhead Athletics is helping me to defy the passage of time. I honestly feel that my overall fitness is better now than it was in my 20’s because of the training at Trailhead Athletics. Trailhead’s workouts are challenging, creative and addictive.

Most importantly, the training transfers directly to the other activities that I do, especially biking and skiing. The trainers are positive, knowledgeable and supportive. I have met so many fun people to train with that I actually look forward to the workouts.”
Terri L

“Since I rave about Trailhead to anyone who will listen to me, here are some of the things I have said

Over the past 4 years at Trailhead I have experienced some pretty great changes in my fitness, changes that have actually translated into what I do outside of the gym – improved core strength, increased flexibility, balance, and a 30 pound weight loss. I couldn’t even do a standing hamstring stretch when I started. Now I amaze myself every time I am out hiking and have to scramble over a trail. And thanks to the weight loss, I can actually see my muscles now. Trailhead was the catalyst to get me running. Because I dreaded even the small amount of running during the FAST classes, I joined a running group to get over myself. Now four years later I run 20-35 miles a week. A typical week for me is a 6am Trailhead class twice a week during the Spring/Summer months when my running mileage is higher. Fall/Winter months I Trailhead three times a week when my running mileage goes down.

Oh and did I mention that I am 55 years old? I should get extra credit for that!” -Cheri M

“I moved to Bellingham two and a half years ago. Training at Trailhead has not only helped me get in shape, it has introduced me to a wonderful set of new friends. Being consistent with my training and nutrition has been easier at Trailhead for several reasons. First, the training is focused on my weaknesses and my goals. I get results that matter and that keeps me coming back. Second, the trainers and athletes that I’ve met at Trailhead are great role models. It’s easier to train hard and eat right when the people around me are trying to do the same thing and are so supportive. Third, I’ve made great friends training at Trailhead. These are people that I enjoy being around and they encourage me to achieve my fitness goals. Before Trailhead, I had never worked out with a trainer. I thought I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. I won’t make that mistake again.

Although the most obvious change I’ve experience while I have trained at Trailhead is that I’ve lost 50 pounds, the thing I notice most is something no one else would really see. I’ve always had horrible balance but after many months of focused work at Trailhead, it has improved dramatically. I couldn’t do basic activities like balancing on one foot to put on a shoe. This past weekend I was on a trail on my mountain bike. About 50 or 60 feet of trail was blocked with huge trees that had been blown down and there was no way around. I climbed up on the first fallen tree and with my mountain bike in one hand, hopped from tree to tree till I got to clear trail. I wouldn’t have imagined doing something like a year ago! The weight loss and greatly increased fitness make every day and every activity more enjoyable.

I personal train at Trailhead twice a week. In the summer, I run three days per week and average about 25 miles a week. In the winter, I run 5 or 6 days a week and average closer to 50 miles a week. This summer, I’m riding my bike every day. Literally, every day. I’m doing 100 days of consecutive riding. By the end of the summer, my plan is to ride a Century, the Trailhead Triple and Glacier to Artist Point. Before starting at Trailhead, I was a runner but hadn’t done any serious biking in years. Since staring at Trailhead, I’m stronger with fewer injuries. This has allowed me to maintain a consistent volume of running. I’ve also met many great friends that have encouraged me to start riding my bike again.”
– Phil C