Hey Guys,

I wanted to pass on a couple of tidbits since I’m always having to run out the door to work and you all are trying to get the next session going…

Killer workout this AM. Really. I feel like I’ve been on a serious endorphin buzz ever since it ended. Obviously there are various levels of benefits with a workout, the first order type being just feeling good afterwards, and that is definitely the case today. Thanks for creating such a challenging and rewarding program.

The second order benefits are (I think) the payoff in other activities. While these can be much longer lasting, they also can be more difficult as motivators because it takes time to develop these, and they are not always obvious—certainly not at first, but even after a little while, they can be quite subtle.

And so I have been noticing some second order benefits that excite me to hit these workouts (and, sadly, frustrated when I hit Monday and I have nagging injuries that keep me out of them) and stay consistent. First, I am currently undefeated in my summer tennis league and the matches haven’t been close. This isn’t due entirely to increased base and core strength, but part of it is. Just three months ago I was struggling with my shoulder on serves and forehands, and starting to worry about my longevity w/r/t a sport I have started to develop some real skills in. I’m happy to report 0, none, zilch pain in the shoulder and I played for seven hours last weekend.

I feel like I can play aggressively, strongly, and generally kick ass when needed and losing will be a result of good errors (yes, they exist) and not tentative shots, weak shots, or worrying about pains in my body. Yes, I do struggle with some occasional hip and knee pain, but what I’ve noticed is that the pain is really short term. Maybe a day, and that’s it. I’m back at it.

So, thanks for offering these workouts, I know all my other real-crack-of-dawn workout mates appreciate them, but I wanted to spell out just a couple of the ways I have found value in them. Also, and this isn’t a footnote, I think you two strike just the right balance when it comes to motivating/supporting/kicking-us-in-the-ass-especially-when-we-act-like-babies (self reference).

Looking forward to more of all of it—yes, even Tabatas…