Looking to counteract the cocktails and rich food during the holiday season? Fighting the winter blues? The “All You Can Train Special” is a great option. For you 2x per week athletes, adding just 2 extra workouts over the upcoming 4 wk session makes our unlimited rate the way to go this Holiday series!



Early Holiday Presents! SAVINGS + Extra Morning Classes

Mon to Fri Class Schedule Change
7:15am (except Wed)
5:30pm (Weds 5pm only)

Book in Here!


Holiday Series Pricing


Drop-In: $20
4 Workouts: $75.39
8 Workouts: $138.44
Holiday All You Can Train: $171.75

NOV 26th – DEC. 22nd


Train the Trainer

Bring a Food Bank Donation (Check or $ goes the farthest) and your trainer takes on a challenge. Details at Trailhead. Let’s see if we can beat last year’s total of $8,100 – Let’s go for $10,000!!!


The Trailhead Difference

Smart Training Works Best

Sure, you can go all out with a million reps, super fast classes & little concern for form and execution. You might feel some immediate gratification from blowing yourself up but do you get the long term results you really want?

At Trailhead, we provide focused training efforts with a plan that helps you achieve your training goals and leaves you fresh enough to train for your sports, races or adventures. It’s a long term approach that works, just ask all the weekend warriors, parents, docs, and pro athletes that choose Trailhead. Our programs work. Period.

Warm-Up – Perfect Your Technique – Work Hard – Recover – Repeat