Trailhead Training Programs

Whether your just starting out or are a seasoned champion, Trailhead Athletics has a fitness program designed to help you achieve any goal. Offering group workouts, personal training, and combinations of both, we can help craft a program that will not only provide you with a dedicated team of proven trainers, but also a calculated fitness schedule to help encourage positive results.

Personal Training in Bellingham
Group Strength and Cross Training in Bellingham
Personal Trainers in Bellingham, WA

Compass Class

A requirement for most new Trailheaders, the Compass Class is a one on one training session that sets the direction for your training.  We will cover all the movement patterns and techniques required to feel more confident in our group classes.  Compass Classes review squats, deadlifts, kettlebell basics and proper alignment for most key exercises.

You are welcome to try a FREE group class first to see if Trailhead is for you but step 2 is your Compass Class. Not only does this session provide you with an overview of our training style, but it also allows us to provide you with feedback about your training goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Want to jump right in? Make your Compass Class step 1. Call or email to book.

Group Training

FAST classes focus on several key elements for ultimate results. FUNCTIONAL exercises that include AGILITY (speed, accuracy), STRENGTH (power, determination) and adaptive physical & mental TRAINING to give you the tools you need to excel in life & sport.

Strength+ classes provide all the elements of an effective strength training program without a cardio component or the competitive intensity of our FAST class. Use to supplement your other TH workouts & benefit from structured strength,movement-based flexibility & core training.

Personal Training

Personal training at Trailhead Athletics is just that – personal. Sessions are specifically designed to meet your personal fitness requirements, limitations and goals. All of our training begins with a fitness assessment to develop a clear starting point and to set short-term and long-term training goals. Train exclusively one or one or train in combination with our group classes. We also welcome couples or friends to train together.