Group strength & conditioning classes and personal training

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned champion, Trailhead Athletics has a fitness program for you. Our team of trainers offers highly supervised, fun & challenging group workouts, personal training, and combinations of both. Your body is the tool that fuels your outdoor pursuits and that is where Trailhead is different than CrossFit®, Boot Camp and most other gyms. We train for sport not as sport!

Circuit-Training-Gym-in-Belllingham bellingham-strength-training-gym “Trailhead Athletics is helping me to defy the passage of time. I honestly feel that my overall fitness is better
now than it was in my 20’s because of the training at Trailhead Athletics. Trailhead’s workouts are
challenging, creative and addictive. Most importantly, the training transfers directly to the other
activities that I do, especially biking and skiing. The trainers are positive, knowledgeable and supportive.
I have met so many fun people to train with that I actually look forward to the workouts.”
- Terri L -
Strength-and-Conditioning-Gym-Trainers-near-Bellingham I thought you guys might like to hear this. I asked my orthopedic surgeon if I can work out after my knee
surgery and he told me that I had to wait 2-3 weeks before doing anything but when I asked if I could do
Trailhead he said, “Yes, but only because I know those guys and they will make sure to modify your workouts
appropriately”. So, when can I come back?”
- Priscilla B. -
Cross-Training-near-Bellingham-WA Strength-training-circuit-training-in-Bellingham mountain-bike-strength-training-bellingham personal-trainers-and-circuit-gym-in-Bellingham